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Last Updated: December 10, 2022 8 min read

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2Captcha review

2Captcha is a website where you get paid to complete an "online captcha typing job" as they say on their site. Basically, you get paid to fill out the annoying captchas over and over and over again.

We have compiled this 2Captcha review compendium for your reading pleasure. We're going to go over how 2captcha works, if it's worth it, how much you can earn, and if this app is a scam.

My favorite part you ask? It's 100% FREE to sign up.

What is 2Captcha Software and How Does it Work?

2Captcha is a captcha recognition service where you get paid to solve captcha puzzles.

Captchas are generally images that also have distorted text in them that you get to answer to prove that you are a human.

If you have to fill out captchas all the time, it can get obnoxious. That is where 2Captcha (and you) come in.

Users can register on 2Captcha, and upload the captchas that they want to be answered. Then someone like you comes along and solves the captcha. You get paid on a per captcha basis. This is just one of a few captcha sites that will bypass captcha using human intelligence which is currently the best way a lot of people go about solving this problem.

Their payment method is crypto, which is a huge bonus in my opinion. You gotta love that BTC, ETH, SOL, etc.

How Do I Get Started With 2Captcha?

I signed up with one of my junk email addresses that I use for apps just like this.

  1. Register at the 2captcha website. You'll need to setup a username and password (Make sure to use a password manager to keep things secure. We like to use LastPass)
  2. Follow the easy guide on their site. This is a training page where they teach you how solve and answer captchas quickly and correctly. This is fairly simple and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete.
  3. After taking the training you'll have to pass a test. The exam is really just quizzing you to see if you can adequately solve captchas. This also will take around 10 minutes.
  4. Profit! You can start working as soon as you pass the test.

Joining 2Captcha is fairly simple and easy, but make sure to remember the following:

  • They only officially recognize Windows and Android (sorry Apple users, scroll to the bottom of the article to find other earning opportunities)
  • You can use a computer or smartphone to solve captchas
  • If you have too many mistakes your account may get suspended. This can either be for a temporary time period or it can be permanent. (No pressure)
  • If your account becomes permanently banned your account is also unable to receive payouts
  • Activities that violate their terms of service (ToS) can also result in a permanent ban. This includes using a software to solve the captchas for you, or sharing accounts with other people

Is 2Captcha a Scam?

When working with a site like this, my definition of a scam is when there is very little transparency and the truth is not being shared in a program like this. They actually try and deceive you and make promises that they can't keep. The main reason behind promoting these false promises is to get you to sign up and use their site for as long as possible before you leave.

2Captcha definitely pay their workers. The pay is not very high, but they payout. Which is always a sign of a reputable company running a legit site.

Does this mean that 2Captcha is legit?

Yes. Yes, they are.

Just like legit online survey sites like inboxdollars.com or surveyjunkey.com, 2Captcha pays you to do tasks online for them. This isn't going to make you rich but can be just the start you need to be making money online and finding something better.

2Captcha and other similar sites make it easy for you to take the first step and that is much easier than jumping full force into creating a new online business or starting your own blog.

An important callout is if you are at home because of an absolute necessity to be at home like you have had an issue with your health, you are a primary caregiver to your children or parents, or maybe you just hate your job, you are going to want to find a way to make a real level of income online.

There are so many scams, get rich schemes, and fake promises out there that knowing what to do is a battle in and of itself. I would recommend reading a few of our related articles found at the bottom of this article to help you move forward and be able to make a real income online.

2Captcha Payment Proof

I even went out and found a video of someone that shared their payment proof for your viewing pleasure.

How Much Do You Earn With 2Captcha?

This is where things start to get a little sticky. There are a few different types of captchas that you can solve for real money. If you are solving normal captchas or basic captchas (image puzzles) you can earn $.40 for every 1,000 captchas that are solved. Those are the captchas that are images with distorted text and you input the numbers/letters that you see.

There are also the captcha puzzles that ask you to identify yourself as a human by ticking a box that says, "I'm not a robot". As you know, sometimes those ask you to solve an image puzzle afterward.

The pay for the more advanced Recaptcha puzzles is $1 per 1,000 puzzles solved. You also will need to download specific software to solve them.

Next to each image captcha that you are trying to solve, the rate is shown at which you will be paid. You can use that to do some back-of-the-napkin math to see what you will be earning per hour.

When I did the math, the results were staggering. Even at six little captcha puzzles per minute, it would take you about three hours of work to complete 1,000 simple captchas. As seen above 1,000 captchas pays $.40.

That means you are looking at $.13 an hour to fill out captchas. That is when you are working fast too!

If you live in North America, that would be terrible. If you live elsewhere the dollar has more buying power and might be alright.

You can also earn money through their referral program. If you end up with a lot of referrals by sharing your referral code you could be making some sweet cash by marketing only.

You can invite your referrals to be 2captcha workers like you or 2captcha users. On top of your earnings, you will get 10% of their spending or earnings.

If the person you recruit is a worker, you get 10% of any work they do on the site.

If the person that you recruited is a webmaster, you earn 10% of their spending on the site.

Pros and Cons of the 2Captcha App

Here's the short list of pros and cons. If you have any others that I should add please let me know.


  • Low payout threshold. The minimum threshold is $.50 (small amount of money)
  • Referral program. You could possibly not have to do much work and still get paid out
  • You can get paid in crypto, which could be a huge investment in and of itself
  • Not very hard work and is a simple way to make a little money
  • Can do it anytime you have free time or spare time (simple online job)


  • The payment options do not include PayPal which is normally standard for sites like this
  • You can get banned for bad solves
  • Low earnings per hour (this is not a decent amount of money)
  • It takes a lot of time
  • Requires an internet connection
  • There is a risk that Google could ban or suspend your IP address for solving captchas for other users instead of how they expect the captcha system to be used


2Captcha pays too low for people in North America or Europe. This isn't a good opportunity, it takes too much time even if you are one of many fast typers. It just isn't much money, and there are better online opportunities to earn extra money. These articles showcase a better way to make money:

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