About Us

Hey, we are Zach and Chelsea!

We have spent most of our lives learning and implementing new ways to earn, save, and invest our money. We are both entrepreneurs at heart and love to learn and share information.

Our goal with Pineapple Money is to provide free advice to anyone who wants to make informed decisions about their money. We also want to use this as a way to continue to motivate ourselves to explore even more ways that we can grow our wealth and build a community with those that share our passion.

While earning, saving, and investing money will always be something that we are highly interested in, our ultimate goal is financial freedom. We want to retire early to spend more time with our kids and will share with you just how we accomplish it.


Pineapples remind us of our favorite vacations in Mexico where we’d drink Piña Coladas in pineapples while relaxing on the beach. Our end goal is to have the freedom to travel around the world with our family and not be constrained by any job. We’re striving to build our net worth into “Pineapple Money” or in other words, Financial Freedom.