33 Ways to Live on Less Money in 2024

Last Updated: May 20, 2024 11 min read

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Ways to Live on Less Money

Your bills are too high! Why?

Because you're reluctant to live on less?

Living on less doesn’t mean deprivation. It doesn’t mean giving up what you love.

Living on less means being smart with your spending.

Cut out expenses you don’t need, like forgotten subscriptions.

Earn cash back on everyday purchases.

Time to streamline your finances.

33 Legit Ways To Live on Less Money

  1. Rakuten
  2. Spend Less on Travel
  3. Shop with Grocery Pickup
  4. Borrow Things
  5. Reduce Subscriptions
  6. Plan Your Meals
  7. Eat Out Less
  8. Plan Meals By What Is On Sale
  9. Dosh
  10. Use Cash
  11. Use Less Electricity
  12. Save Your Bonuses
  13. Eat Meat Sparingly
  14. Don't Spend As Much On Food
  15. Yard Sales
  16. Coupons
  17. No-Spend Challenge
  18. Insulation
  19. Buy What's In Season
  20. Use Energy Efficient Stuff
  21. Invite Friends Over
  22. Watch What You Own
  23. Capital One Shopping
  24. Use the Library
  25. Spend Wisely
  26. Save Your Raises
  27. Reduce Your Home and Auto Insurance
  28. Cook From Scratch
  29. Thrifting
  30. Use a Cooling Off Period
  31. Save Your Refunds and Windfalls
  32. Automatic Withdrawals
  33. Trim

1. Rakuten

Next time you check out from Target, here's what Rakuten does for you:

Rakuten is your rebate-finding machine.

Shop at one of Rakuten’s 2,500+ partnered retailers, and Rakuten shares the cash back with you.

Massive cashback—up to 40% at some stores.

Rakuten works automatically.

Install the Rakuten Browser Extension and earn free money every time you shop online.

Rakuten pays in cash, delivered by check every 3 months.

Setting up an account is free, and you get a $10 Welcome Bonus the first time you earn cash back.

Find popular retailers like Target, H&M, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more on Rakuten.

Get your free $10 Welcome Bonus just for trying Rakuten!

2. Spend Less on Travel

Going is a smart way to save on your next flight.

Tell Going your home airport and top travel destinations. That's it.

You'll get personalized emails with amazing flight deals, averaging 40-90% off.

If you travel, start saving big on flights now.

3. Shop with Grocery Pickup

Grocery pickup can save you money in several ways:

  • Avoid Impulse Buys: Shopping online reduces the temptation to make impulse purchases
  • Stick to Your List: It’s easier to stick to your shopping list and avoid unnecessary items
  • Compare Prices: You can compare prices and choose the best deals without the pressure of being in-store
  • Track Spending: See your total before checking out, helping you stay within budget
  • Save Time: Time saved on shopping can be used for meal prepping or other money-saving activities
  • Reduce Fuel Costs: Fewer trips to the store save on gas

Overall, grocery pickup promotes disciplined spending and convenience.

4. Borrow Things

Borrowing from others can save money in several ways:

  1. Avoid Purchases: Borrowing items means you don’t have to buy them
  2. Use Less Frequently: For items you only need occasionally, borrowing is more cost-effective than owning
  3. No Storage Costs: Avoid storage space and maintenance costs associated with owning infrequently used items
  4. Share Resources: Pooling resources with friends and family maximizes utility without additional expense
  5. Try Before Buying: Borrowing allows you to test items before deciding to purchase, reducing the risk of regrettable purchases

Borrowing promotes a sharing economy, reducing individual expenses and fostering community.

5. Reduce Subscriptions

Why subscribe to many different streaming services all at once?

You only watch one or two shows at a time.

Stop hurting your savings by paying for unused streaming services.

Keep a list of your subscriptions.

Cancel the services you're not using.

Most streaming services have monthly payments.

It's easy to turn them on and off as needed.

6. Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is a great way to save money because:

  1. Reduces Impulse Buys: Having a plan prevents last-minute purchases
  2. Minimizes Waste: You buy only what you need, reducing food waste
  3. Bulk Buying: Plan meals around sales and bulk purchases, which are often cheaper
  4. Less Eating Out: With meals planned, you're less likely to resort to takeout
  5. Efficient Use of Ingredients: Use ingredients across multiple meals, maximizing their value
  6. Control Over Budget: Plan meals to fit your budget, ensuring you don't overspend

Meal planning promotes mindful spending and efficient use of resources.

7. Eat Out Less

Eating out can drain your budget, costing hundreds each month.

You don’t have to give up dining out completely. Be smarter about it and still enjoy yourself.

Drinks are pricey at restaurants, order water with your entree to save money.

Share an entree with a friend or take half home for leftovers.

Prioritize dining out with friends over quick drive-thru meals.

Smart choices can make dining out enjoyable and budget-friendly.

8. Plan Meals By What Is On Sale

Plan your meals around what's on sale at your local grocery store.

Check store ads regularly and use loss leaders for your weekly meal plan.

Grocery stores feature big discounts on the front page to attract shoppers.

Stock up on great deals and base your meals on those items.

This strategy saves money and maximizes your grocery budget.

9. Dosh

Dosh, a straightforward cash-back app, rewards you when you use your debit or credit card.

No fuss with receipts or offers – just swipe and earn.

Dosh links securely to your card and tracks your spending at partner stores.

From Walmart to Target, cash back rolls in automatically.

Grow your savings with Dosh; cash out directly to your bank.

Plus, snag a cool $1 Welcome bonus just for signing up.

10. Use Cash

Research indicates that using credit cards may lead to higher spending.

Why? Because the detachment from cash makes spending feel less real until the bill hits.

With cash, the tangible exchange can make spending sting a bit more, helping you rein it in.

11. Use Less Electricity

Saving on electricity is simple: use less.

Turn off the lights when you leave the room and unplug your TV.

Even when off, they sip energy, draining your wallet.

12. Save Your Bonuses

Bonuses often trigger a spending spree, leaving you wondering where the cash went.

Allocate just a portion – say, 10 or 20% – for fun splurges.

Direct the bulk towards meaningful goals: retirement, travel, or a big purchase.

13. Eat Meat Sparingly

Meat can chew up your grocery budget.

You needn't go full vegetarian; cutting back saves cash and spices up meals.

Try nose-to-tail eating for efficiency.

Hit up local farmers for whole animals.

From one chicken, you'll feast more than you think.

14. Don't Spend As Much On Food

Cut back on eating out to save cash.

Grocery store food is already pricey.

Eating out means paying for prep, service, rent, and tips – a wallet drain!

Cooking at home? You'll dine better for less.

Google recipes for proof; top results mean top taste.

Trust me, you'll save and savor every bite.

15. Yard Sales

Yard sales are money-savers because:

  • Bargains Galore: Prices are often slashed as people clear clutter
  • Variety: From clothes to toys to household goods, you'll find it all
  • Negotiation: Haggling means potential for even lower prices
  • Eco-Friendly: Reusing items cuts down on waste and saves resources
  • Community: Connect with neighbors and support local sellers

16. Coupons

Coupons get a bad rap, but they're ace for saving cash.

Flip the script: list what you need, then hunt coupons.

No impulse buys; just savings on essentials.

Online shopping? Search for codes first; easy savings!

17. No-Spend Challenge

Kickstart your savings with a no-spend challenge.

Commit to essentials only for a set period, like a month.

Tough at first, but gets easier as you go.

Spot those splurges, find alternatives, and slash spending for good.

18. Insulation

Uninsulated homes bleed cash.

Seal door and window frames tight; fill exterior cracks.

Stop the money drain, keep your home snug.

19. Buy What's In Season

Live well for less by eating in season.

Swap out pricey winter blueberries for oranges or mandarins.

Follow a seasonal food guide for savings and tastier meals.

20. Use Energy Efficient Stuff

Save on energy bills with smart appliance choices.

Even if not replacing, grab energy-saving Amazon goodies.

Think Smart Plugs, LED Bulbs, and Smart Thermostats.

Cut costs effortlessly, one switch at a time.

21. Invite Friends Over

Dine out less; host a gathering at your place instead.

Potluck it up or try a themed night like pizza.

Everyone pitches in, everyone saves – plus, more fun at home!

22. Watch What You Own

Don't overlook your movie stash!

Dust off those DVDs or check your digital library.

Rewatch favorites for free entertainment – maximizing your purchase!

23. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping: your online savings sidekick.

Browser extension applies promo codes seamlessly.

Save time and money with automatic discounts.

From Amazon to Walmart, it hunts deals for you.

Get it now to keep more cash in your pocket effortlessly.

Don't miss out on freebies – grab Capital One Shopping!

24. Use the Library

Unlock savings at your local library.

Borrow books, audiobooks, movies, and shows for free.

Score passes to museums and landmarks, at no cost.

Expand your skills with free classes, from coding to genealogy.

It's a treasure trove of savings – all at your fingertips!

25. Spend Wisely

Live below your means to watch your money flourish.

Budgeting is key – spend less than you earn.

Review past statements to set spending categories.

Track expenses to stay on target and avoid overspending.

It's about spending smarter, not skimping.

26. Save Your Raises

Save your raises to boost your savings effortlessly.

Don't inflate your lifestyle with every bump in pay.

Direct raises to savings or retirement contributions.

Watch your savings soar without feeling the pinch.

Automate the process to stash cash before temptation strikes.

27. Reduce Your Home and Auto Insurance

Forget the phone tag; Insurify's got your back.

Compare home and auto insurance rates in a snap.

No more endless calls; just input your info and Insurify does the legwork.

Get the best rates from top insurers in minutes.

Saving money on insurance? Easy peasy with Insurify.

28. Cook From Scratch

Cooking at home = major savings.

Ditch the store-bought stuff for healthier, homemade meals.

Google's your culinary guru; top-ranked recipes mean top-notch taste.

Save money, savor better meals – all with a few clicks.

29. Thrifting

Score big savings at thrift stores.

From clothes to furniture, find new items at a fraction of retail.

Unpredictable treasures await with each visit.

Before splurging online, check local thrift stores for steals.

30. Use a Cooling Off Period

Impulse buys can drain your wallet fast.

To curb the urge, impose a waiting period for pricier buys.

Wait 72 hours before splurging on anything over $100.

Time to weigh the pros and cons; you'll likely realize it's not worth it.

Savings: achieved!

31. Save Your Refunds and Windfalls

Windfalls feel like free cash, but they need a plan.

Allocate for fun, but stash the bulk according to your values.

Some for play, the rest for savings or big dreams.

32. Automatic Withdrawals

Out of sight, out of mind – set up auto-savings.

Direct from checking to savings, ideally at a different bank.

Limit spending to what's in your checking – a smart budgeting move.

Forces you to prioritize and get creative with spending.

33. Trim

Are you overpaying for internet? Highly likely.

Companies charge what they can, but Trim fights back.

They've saved users over $1M last month alone.

Trim's pros negotiate lower bills for you.

Download the app, sit back, and watch the savings roll in.

If Trim can't save you money, it's free.

They take a fee upfront, but you keep the rest of your savings.

Why overspend? Let Trim slash your bills.

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