How Much Should I Spend on Groceries?

Last Updated: February 12, 2022 4 min read

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How Much Should I Spend on Groceries?

How Much Should I Spend a Week on Food?

This question is really popular for people who are starting to create their budget, and it makes sense why. Groceries differ greatly depending on the person, their diet and lifestyle, and where they live and shop.

Buying groceries can also vary by family size. Large families buy for a greater amount of people and can spend less per person, buy more products in bulk, and have less food go to waste.

Since there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing groceries, there isn’t a specific expense amount that works for every. However, it may be helpful to go with an average amount and see how it works with your budget. Trial and error is the best way to come up with the greatest solution for you.

I recommend starting with a monthly grocery budget of $250 per adult and $150 per child (ages 1 -12).

If these numbers sound impossible to you, don’t panic! I will go over ways that you can lower your grocery bill, no matter your circumstances, that can help you get closer and closer to this goal.

How much does an average person spend on food per month?

How much does an average person spend on food per month?

The USDA comes out with monthly food plans that share what the average food expenses are in the United States. These plans can be found here:

The food plans are based on all home-prepared meals and differ in specific foods and quantities of foods. The numbers that I use in this article are from their moderate cost plan.

The average grocery expense is:

  • Child = $205
  • Adult Male = $307
  • Adult Female = $262

How much is the average grocery bill for two?

The average couple spends an average of $629 per month on groceries.

How much does an average family of four spend on food per month?

The average family of four spends $1019 per month on groceries.

Is $200 a month enough for groceries?

Is $200 a month enough for groceries?

Yes, it can be enough. It also can be way too restrictive. It all depends on your circumstances.

For instance, when Zach and I were newly married and still in college our grocery budget was $200 - $250 a month for the both of us. We weren’t eating a lot of meat, we ate a bunch of leftovers, stuck with cheap meals, and ate a few meals a week at our family’s. However, once we started to bring in more money we felt comfortable with raising that budget. And since then we have raised it even more as our income, lifestyle, and family has changed.

How Can I Save More on My Grocery Bill?

How Can I Save More on My Grocery Bill?

There are possibly an infinite amount of ways that help lower grocery bills, but here are my favorite and most used tips.

  • Eat your leftovers
  • Prep easy freezer meals to have on hand
  • Buy in bulk
  • Stock up during sales
  • Look at what you have before creating your meal plan
  • Plan your meals
  • Take advantage of grocery store deals, promotions, and coupons
  • Buy produce at farmers markets
  • Only grocery shop once a week
  • Double recipes and freeze half
  • Swap meals with friends
  • Make your own beans, yogurt, bread, and treats

How Can I Save More on My Grocery Bill? 2

Final Thoughts

I hope these grocery expense averages and savings tips help you to be more confident about what you feel is or isn’t worth spending your money on. Take these tips one at a time and you will see compounding results! Best of luck.

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