Can I Get Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Last Updated: January 10, 2023 5 min read

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Can I Get Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security is offering benefits to workers with disabilities who have passed two earning tests. Social Security Administration (SSA) provides this through two social security disability programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD benefits) and Supplemental Security Income Insurance (SSI benefits). Under the former benefit, we have temporary social security disability benefits.

What Are Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits is also known as temporary disability benefit, short-term disability insurance, or cash sickness benefits. It is temporary partial disability benefits that give to workers who just temporarily lost their job because of a temporary nonoccupational disability. Unfortunately, only the railroad industry, Puerto Rico, and five States have laws that mandate this disability insurance. The five states are California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

Who Can Avail of Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Who are qualified, and what type of work this benefit covers? This covers workers who just suffered from a temporary medical condition, whether mental or physical, that stops or disables them from doing their daily activities. Generally, this covers most industrial and commercial wages and salary workers under private companies or institutions. Due to the differences in laws per state, they have differences in how to qualify individuals for this insurance. Most states excluded self-employed individuals, family workers, domestic workers, family workers, and government employees availing of this program. On the other hand, some states open this benefit to government employees, such as Hawaii. In California, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, agricultural workers can avail of this compensation.

How Much Can You Avail of Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Claimants or qualified disabled workers will receive weekly benefit payments, depending on their previous earnings. Generally, the weekly benefit is about or at least half of the worker's average weekly wage. Yet unlike long-term disability insurance, claimants can only receive this for a specific limited time, depending on what the law identified. The weekly benefit duration varies between 26 to 52 weeks.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria to Avail of Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria to Avail of Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

You can avail if you pass the following conditions:

  • Your age must not be below 18.
  • Social Security did not deny any disability benefits in the past 60 days.
  • You should have proof of past employment and proof of disability. You should provide the state's requirement, showing the specific amount of employment time and earnings. The majority of jurisdictions that have private plans give insurance to workers upon employment. However, some give workers 1 to 3 months probationary period of time before they can avail of the benefit.
  • You should have your medical information. Provide the requirement, certification, medical evidence, or proof specifying your disability. The definition of disability, according to the laws of states, is the inability to do regular tasks because of mental impairment or physical condition. This disability could last for about 12 months.

How Do You Apply For Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

1.You should immediately apply from the first day of disability. Make sure to prepare all your eligibility requirements for your initial application. These include your medical eligibility and your proof of employment. In relation to this, make sure to prepare the following information:

  • Social Security number
  • Proof of age
  • Details of your medical providers, such as caseworkers, doctors, and hospitals where you were admitted. Make sure to have a record of their names, phone numbers, and addresses
  • medical treatment (names of dosages of your medications)
  • medical records
  • laboratory results
  • employment details
  • W-2 form or federal tax return
  • proof of marriage if married
  • SS numbers of family member information who are qualified for benefits
  • You may now apply by visiting your local social security office. If not, you may apply online or call your local social security office toll-free telephone number.
  • Wait for the application process. Your application will be under review. You'll have to wait for the elimination period to be completed. It will either be denied or accepted, depending on the validity of your case.

When Will You Lose Temporary Social Security Disability Benefits?

Despite working in an industry that the SSA covers, they can still disqualify you from availing of this benefit if:

  • You are receiving worker's compensation benefits. However, you can still avail if the worker's compensation that you are receiving is from a different work disability or if it is just partial compensation. In California, when the temporary disability benefit amount is larger than the workers' compensation, Social Security gives the difference. This is the same with the railroad program. The laws of the five states differ in terms of treating sick leave payments. Rhode Island pays the amount of benefits even if the claimant draws wage-continuation payments. California, Puerto Rico, and New Jersey pay the benefit and paid sick leave for any week during the disability as long as it will not exceed the claimant's weekly earnings before their disablement. On the other hand, railroad workers do not receive the benefit during paid sick leave.
  • If you are receiving income during the period of disability.

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