5 Ways To Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards (2024)

Last Updated: May 06, 2024 5 min read

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Ways To Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their finances in the current economic climate.

Whether dabbling in remote side gigs for extra cash or utilizing DoorDash gift cards to trim monthly meal expenses, savvy solutions are all around us.

1. Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards

What is the easiest route to snag free DoorDash gift cards? Answer surveys or hop on reward sites.

On these platforms, sign up, complete surveys, earn points, and redeem gift cards - simple.

Beyond surveys, enjoy diverse tasks like video streaming, gaming, and online shopping on reward platforms.

Options abound with sites like Branded Survey, MyPoints, and Swagbucks - my top pick for DoorDash perks.

On Swagbucks, earn SB points swiftly: surveys, videos, and web surfing.

Redeem SB for DoorDash cards starting at $15 (1,500 SB) up to $100 (10,000 SB).

Swagbucks DoorDash Gift Cards

Consistency is king; set realistic earning goals and stay vigilant for new tasks.

2. DoorDash Referral Program

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing through referral programs for lucrative gift card opportunities.

When I joined DoorDash, using a friend’s referral code slashed my first orders' costs by 50%. I scored free food, and my friend earned app credits – a win-win for all, including DoorDash.

Refer pals to DoorDash via your unique link and earn $1 to $5 credits upon their first purchase.

Access your link via the DoorDash app's "Account" tab, then "Refer Friends" and hit "Share" to spread the word.

Note: Referral credits won’t get you a DoorDash gift card but can slash or cover expenses.

They operate like virtual currency within the app, like a DoorDash gift card.

Combine e-gift card balances and DoorDash credits for ultimate savings on orders.

For instance, if your order totals $30 and you have a $25 gift card balance and a $5 credit, they'll cover your expenses automatically – a simple way to feast for less.

3. Use Cashback Apps

Discover how to effortlessly earn DoorDash gift cards in your downtime through convenient cash-back apps.

Rakuten, a premier cash-back platform, lets you earn cashback points on virtually every online purchase, boasting partnerships with over 2,000 retailers. With potential cashback rewards reaching up to 40%, you can rack up points with ease as you shop for your favorite items.

On the other hand, PayPal Honey offers a unique browsing experience by automatically sourcing discount codes while you shop online. This convenient browser extension seamlessly integrates with PayPal, offering you the flexibility to redeem rewards for DoorDash gift cards and other enticing options from top retailers like Amazon, Sephora, and Walmart.

With a plethora of cash-back sites available, Rakuten and PayPal Honey stand out for their reliability and user-friendly interfaces. Plus, both platforms offer the added perk of redeeming rewards as PayPal money for those seeking flexible payout options.

So, why wait? Start maximizing your savings today and treat yourself to delightful meals with DoorDash gift cards earned effortlessly through these trusted cash-back apps.

4. Earn DoorDash Credit Card Rewards

Make your daily spending work double duty by effortlessly earning gift cards.

Credit cards with reward schemes offer a simple way to convert your shopping points into valuable perks, including cash returns and coveted DoorDash gift cards.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card stands out for its consistent value, especially for DoorDash devotees. With benefits like a complimentary DashPass subscription, waived delivery fees, and exclusive offers, it's a top choice.

Plus, you'll earn 2x points per dollar spent on dining out and travel, and 1x point per dollar on all other purchases. These points can be redeemed for DoorDash gift cards on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website, often with a 10% discount, maximizing your rewards potential.

For avid DoorDash users, the DoorDash Rewards Mastercard, in partnership with Chase, offers even more enticing perks. Enjoy benefits like free DashPass membership, anniversary bonuses, and up to 4% cashback on DoorDash and Caviar orders.

With 3% cashback at restaurants, 2% at grocery stores, and 1% on all other purchases, this card packs a punch. Redeeming gift cards is hassle-free; simply access the DoorDash, Caviar, or Chase apps to claim your rewards with no minimum balance requirement.

5. Buy Discounted DoorDash Gift Cards

Every year, an astonishing amount of gift cards go unused, lingering in wallets or drawers, forgotten and unspent. Whether it's those friends who seldom update their wardrobe but end up with Aldo’s gift cards or the one convinced everyone is a Minecraft fan, these unused cards accumulate to staggering sums - billions of dollars left untapped annually.

This seemingly wasted wealth doesn't have to remain dormant. Enter online resale sites like Raise, CardCash, and CardSwap, where savvy shoppers can snag discounted gift cards, including those for DoorDash.

While the discounts on these resale sites may not always rival those found at wholesale giants like Costco, they still offer substantial savings, typically ranging from 10 to 15%. However, don't overlook the potential treasure trove awaiting you at Costco's gift card aisle.

At Costco, a hidden gem awaits: purchase five DoorDash e-gift cards, each valued at $100, and enjoy a generous 20% discount. Effectively, it's akin to receiving a free $100 DoorDash gift card, as you save a total of $100, ready to fuel your future DoorDash orders.

For seasoned budgeters, bulk buying isn't just a practical approach; it's financial wisdom. Costco's discounted gift cards epitomize this strategy, offering unexpected deals that can significantly bolster your savings.

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