How Does Online Age Verification Help Your Business Save Money?

Last Updated: June 15, 2022 5 min read

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How Does Online Age Verification Help Your Business Save Money?

In today’s day and age, if you are operating a business, you need to work within the boundaries of the law, especially if you are in a sector that requires your target’s identity to be verified, like the crypto or online gambling industries.

Moreover, if a company processes payments via credit or debit cards, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires that they verify the age of online customers. The purpose is to make sure no one under 18 can access age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco.

In other words, it is possible to verify a customer’s identity without requiring an age check. The PCI DSS only requires an identity verification process for making purchases. However, since you'll need to get consent from your customers before collecting any data about them, you may as well collect their date of birth at the same time.

But why get personally involved in-depth and face the hassles of age verification every time someone visits your website when top agencies can be at your service.

Au10tix's Age Verification-as-a-Service feature is highly regarded by established companies for its premium service and easy process. Also, its fully automated technology can help bring in more visitors and save you a great amount of money.

Online Age Verification Improves Business Processes

It’s not just the savings on age verification technology that make it worth your while. It’s also the time saved by reducing the need for manual checks and the money saved in lost sales due to age restriction rules.

Additionally, you improve customer experience by making it easier for them to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of fraud while buying alcohol or tobacco products online.

Your Privacy and Data Protection Policy

There are certain things you must be aware of when operating in a sector that requires the age-verification of its consumers.

One of them is a privacy and data protection policy that complies with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a new EU law that applies to all companies operating within the EU, even if they're based outside of it.

To make sure your website complies with GDPR:

  • Make sure your privacy policy is clear and easy for users to understand.
  • Explain how you use cookies and analytics on your site, including information about third-party services that collect data on your behalf.

You Risk Losing Money

Whether you're a parent trying to protect your children from R rated movies or an organization that sells alcohol, tobacco, or other products and services to people above the legal age, verifying the age of your customers is critical. After all, if they can’t prove they’re old enough to purchase a product, they won't buy it, and you'll lose money.

You can also lose money as a result of improper employee verification or partner screening. If one of these groups isn't properly checked for age, then there's a chance an individual could be working for your organization without proper credentials or being given access to sensitive information that could put others at risk if accessed by unauthorized parties.

Online Age Verification Saves You Money

If you're in business today and not using online age verification software, then it's highly likely that:

  • You've been hacked at some point or will be hacked soon.
  • Your company has been sued for not having proper protection for minors accessing age appropriate content and materials (this happens more often than we'd like).
  • Your reputation is being damaged every time this happens.
  • You may even get sued for violating COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and FIPA (Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act).

Final Thoughts

  • Understanding the problem: The first step to solving a problem is understanding what you’re trying to solve. There are many types of age verification systems available in the market, but you must understand which one is right for your business and its users.
  • Understanding your options: Once you have an idea of what type of solution you need, it’s time to decide which features and functionality make sense for your site or app. For example: Do I want to collect data from my users? If so, how will I use that information? How much do I want to spend on it? Do I need immediate access to account information, or can some wait until later in the process?
  • Knowing the impact each option has on user experience: To make sure that online age verification doesn't negatively impact user experience, all companies must consider how this technology affects their end-users decisions about whether or not they want to engage with a product offering during signup (or even after).

Online age verification is essential, but it makes your life easy. Especially if you’re a business and have an agency that understands your needs and knows their field in and out, if done right, this can help you save a lot of money and build your business the right way.

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